About the Staff

About the Staff

Rip City Project Staff

David-MacKay_avatar_1385345794-190x190David MacKay is the Editor in Chief of Rip City Project. That’s me. I am a lifelong advocate and inquisitor of the National Basketball Association, as well as a proud graduate of the University of Oregon. I grew up in Portland’s vast Suburbia with a group of close friends, a forgiving backboard, and an extension cord for my buddy’s radio. I play a mean game of “HORSE,” but my knack for more complex wordplay brings me to your screen today. I love what I do and I hope you love it too. My days begin and end with the Portland Trail Blazers.


Jason-Hortsch_avatarJason Hortsch is a Staff Writer at Rip City Project. He hails from the Portland, Oregon area, and really spread his wings to attend University of Portland for college. It was there that he worked for The Beacon, the school’s newspaper, for his first experience as a sportswriter. The 2000 Western Conference Finals Game 7 ranks among the most traumatic experiences of his childhood, and ever since that infamous day he has been longing for the Blazers to return to the promised land. He does his best to use his math degree to explore the numeric side of this beautiful game that we all love


brandon goldner avatarBrandon Goldner is a staff writer at Rip City Project. Growing up in Corvallis, Oregon, Brandon recently moved with his partner to Salem to pursue his career in politics, which he has found to be much more glamorously portrayed on TV. He’s played basketball and followed the Blazers since the early 90s, and has a mean basketball card collection. His experience with a newspaper, a magazine, and a bunch of other cool jobs have led him to his dream of writing about the Blazers. Brandon sincerely invites your questions, comments, complaints, critiques, and criticisms about his writing.


Ryan-Allison_avatar_1387488748-190x190Ryan Allison is a Staff Writer at Rip City Project. He was originally born in Houston, Texas but has lived in California, Oregon, and Missouri. In 1999, he and his family moved to Beaverton, Oregon after his dad got a job at Nike Headquarters. He fell in love with the Portland area and the Trail Blazers. He is a graduate of Evangel University in Springfield, Missouri and has a degree in Exercise Science. He is married to his wife Brittni and they are expecting their first child (a girl) in March 2014. He hopes to one day turn his love for sports (especially basketball) into a full-time career.



Welcome to Rip City Project, a site we strive to make the best Portland Trail Blazers blog and news site on the Internet, and a proud member of the FanSided basketball network. We are dedicated to bringing you top-notch Blazers news, views and original content, along with everything else a fan could possibly want from a site daily. This is also a community where you, the fan, can come and voice your opinion on your Blazers. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!


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