What would a Keldon Johnson deal look like for the Trail Blazers?

With the Spurs building quickly around Wemby, Keldon might find himself on the outs in San Antonio.
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Keldon Johnson had emerged, along with Devin Vassell, as one of the cornerstones of the San Antonio Spurs' rebuild. That was at least until Rookie of the Year Victor Wembanyama came to town. As this season went on, we saw Johnson move to the bench, and his minutes became more inconsistent. It's uncertain whether head coach Gregg Popovich views Johnson as an important part of the Spurs' future. Perhaps Porovich hopes Keldon will embrace the sixth-man role like Manu Ginobili did for him years ago.

Trail Blazers and Spurs match as trade partners

Another reason Johnson's time on the Spurs may be limited is because of his lack of chemistry with their 7-foot-4 superstar in Wembanyama. The Spurs struggled to get Wemby the ball consistently on offense this season. So much so that some people called Wemby's teammates "the Wemby stoppers." Keldon Johnson likely embodied this nickname the most; watching the Spurs play, Johnson often seemed more prone to either getting himself a shot or swinging the ball back along the perimeter, resulting in getting Wemby the ball far less often than the Spurs would like.

The Trail Blazers need a long-term wing, and Johnson would make sense to fill the void. At only 24 years old, he would fit in nicely with the Blazers' rebuilding timeline. The Spurs could be interested in one of Portland's many guards to complement Wembanayma better.

But what might a trade look like for Portland to acquire Johnson?