The Portland Trail Blazers need an offseason plan for this key position

Figuring out this position should be at the top of Portland's offseason to-do list.
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The Portland Trail Blazers' roster could potentially undergo significant changes this offseason, presenting General Manager Joe Cronin with a substantial to-do list. However, finding long-term consistency at the wing position should be a main priority for Cronin and the Blazers.

While free agency might not be the most viable path due to financial constraints, the team has multiple players, including Anfernee Simons and Malcolm Brogdon, who could be traded away for a two-way forward. The Blazers' No. 7 and No. 14 lottery picks also offer opportunities to explore a long-term solution, even in a weak draft class.

The Trail Blazers desperately need a two-way wing

Despite having potentially four seasons remaining in his contract, Jerami Grant, 30, shouldn't be considered part of Portland's long-term plans. Given his massive five-year, $160 million contract signed last offseason, the Blazers should trade Grant this summer.
Matisse Thybulle, 27, fits into the Blazers' rebuilding timeline but is too one-dimensional, limiting their offensive upside. Toumani Camara could be an option if he continues building off his impressive rookie season. But even if he is a long-term starter, the Blazers would still need an additional forward to fill out their lineup in place of Grant.

In their search for a long-term wing, the Blazers should emulate how the Thunder rebuilt their roster, emphasizing versatility. The draft is an intriguing option to address their need. Some wing prospects that could be available for the Blazers at pick No. 7 include Dalton Knecht, Ron Holland, and Cody Williams.

Knecht is an elite shooter and would provide an immediate offensive boost, but he isn't considered a two-way prospect due to his defensive limitations. With their length and athleticism, Holland and Williams could be great defenders at the next level, but their shooting leaves big question marks as two-way prospects.

Between the two prospect archetypes, the Blazers' best option would be to take the defensive-minded player in hopes of developing a more consistent shot. It seems like a more likely outcome to find a two-way player that way, as opposed to someone like Knecht suddenly becoming a defensive stalwart.

In terms of free agency, Robert Covington and Taurean Prince are two veterans who fit this two-way mold. However, given the Blazers' rebuilding timeline, they'd be better off attempting to get younger two-way options such as Kessler Edwards or Haywood Highsmith, depending on their price tag.