Projecting the Portland Trail Blazers’ 2K20 Ratings

Portland Trail Blazers - Predicting 2K20 Ratings (Photo by Chesnot/Getty Images)
Portland Trail Blazers - Predicting 2K20 Ratings (Photo by Chesnot/Getty Images) /
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Portland Trail Blazers
Portland Trail Blazers – Zach Collins (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

Power Forwards

Pick Analysis. Power Forward/Center. 74 overall in 2K19. player. Scouting Report. 33. 34. Zach Collins

With his huge frame and smooth offensive game, Zach Collins could easily become one of the most fun lower-rated players to use in 2K20. He can abuse weaker defenders with post-ups in the paint as well as take it outside for a shootout. Collins can hit shots from deep in real life perfectly well, but his sweet shooting stroke is one that could become easy to abuse in-game, as players don’t expect someone of his size to jack it up from down town.

As top-tier big men slowly reintroduce themselves to the league, low post defenders are also becoming more valuable. You will be able to play an exciting brand of transition basketball in 2K20 knowing Collins will be there to swat shots from behind.

Projected Rating: 77 (+3)

34. Scouting Report. Power Forward. 73 overall in 2K19. Anthony Tolliver. 43. Pick Analysis. player

After turning 34-years-old, you’d expect Anthony Tolliver’s 2K rating to take a reasonable hit. Fortunately, Tolliver’s two biggest strengths just don’t decline with age. As long as he’s providing a stabilizing veteran presence in the locker room mentoring the young guns and knocking down open 3-point shots, he’ll be worth every penny. Sharpshooting role players will always have immense value in a game like 2K.

Projected Rating: 73

Scouting Report. 17. player. Pick Analysis. Power Forward. 70 overall in 2K19. Skal Labissiere. 34

Entering his fourth and final year of his rookie contract, it still feels like we just haven’t seen enough of Skal Labissiere. Having only played 63 minutes with the Blazers to date, he just hasn’t been able to make a genuine impression. Although he experienced a larger role in his second year with the Kings, that was curtailed in the trade that sent Skal to Portland. We still just don’t know if he was a hidden gem that needed a little development or if he’s just an average role player. Expect a little bump due to natural progression, but his play on the court is going to have to do the talking this year.

Projected Rating: 71 (+1)