CJ McCollum battles Warriors fans on Twitter about Kevin Durant

CJ McCollum continued his Twitter-busy summer by discussing Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors during Game 3 of the NBA Finals.

CJ McCollum stays fairly active on Twitter, but not in the way most other NBA athletes do. Rather than tweet personal news or perform Q and A’s, McCollum likes to be a journalist and tweet his analysis of games or rumors happening around the league.

For example, he and Phoenix Suns forward Jared Dudley went back and forth on LeBron James potentially going to the Houston Rockets after Game 2.

On the night of Game 3, McCollum focused his tweets on Kevin Durant.

Durant finished the game with 43 points, 13 rebounds and 7 assists, willing Golden State to a 3-0 series lead. His three All-Star teammates combined for 31 points, 11 rebounds and 17 assists.

Brand new Warriors fans decided to use KD’s team-carrying performance to justify why a 73-win team needed to add a top-three player in the league. CJ McCollum wasn’t having it.

CJ made sure to give Durant props for the performance, though. He tweeted about KD’s ridiculous shooting percentages, as well as how easy he makes the game look.

He also pointed out how Golden State fans haven’t accepted Durant as a true Bay Area player yet. According to CJ, the fans don’t cheer for their star the same way they do for Steph Curry or Klay Thompson. Also, KD is the first one the blame if the offense isn’t working.

Cleveland Cavaliers

On the other side of the ball, CJ McCollum also tweeted about LeBron James and Rodney Hood.

Like everyone else, CJ was wowed by LeBron’s off-the-backboard alley-oop to himself in the first quarter.


Hood played well in his first true minutes of the Finals too. McCollum tweeted about how it was time he was “freed” in the series. Hood finished with 15 points and 6 rebounds in 26 minutes, helping the team stick close until the final seconds.

If you want to see more of CJ McCollum’s journalism and analysis skills, check out his new podcast.

With the NBA Finals gearing up for a quick finish, attention turns toward the draft. The Blazers have pick No. 24 and could look to make a few moves involving it and the trade exceptions.

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