What would a Keldon Johnson deal look like for the Trail Blazers?

With the Spurs building quickly around Wemby, Keldon might find himself on the outs in San Antonio.
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Keldon Johnson's potential fit on the Blazers

Admittedly, the fit of this trade is better if Portland can move Jerami Grant in a separate trade. But even if they don't, it shouldn't be too big of a deal, considering Grant splits time between both forward positions. Meanwhile, Johnson would likely play most of his minutes at small forward and shooting guard, with maybe a few mixed in as a small-ball four. With Simons and Sharpe both still presumably in the mix, Keldon might not be guaranteed a starting role. Regardless, he would certainly be playing many minutes for Portland.

Keldon is an undervalued forward who would fit in well with the Blazers. He would immediately become one of the better three-point shooters on the team, likely only trailing Anfernee Simons and Grant (if he's still on the team) in that category. The Blazers, at times, struggled to put points on the board last season, and the three-point-shooting Johnson, who can also create his own shot, would certainly help in that aspect.

The fit seems promising but not seamless; Keldon is young but doesn't possess an elite upside. Simply put, he's a really good player, but not quite a great one. Considering all that, Is he someone you want to have on the books for the next several years? Maybe not, but he will still have some movability if the Blazers can't make it work with him. For Brogdon's expiring contract and some mid-level draft capital, it's a trade worth taking a swing at if it's on the table for Portland.