What would a Keldon Johnson deal look like for the Trail Blazers?

With the Spurs building quickly around Wemby, Keldon might find himself on the outs in San Antonio.
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Malcolm Brogdon would be an ideal rental for Spurs

It was clear that the Spurs struggled to maximize Wembanyama on offense last season, and most NBA fans are calling for the Spurs to acquire a star point guard. Brogdon might not fit the bill of a star, but he is an extremely capable point guard who has shown the ability to play at a near-star level in the past with his playmaking and spacing abilities.

With this being the last year on his contract, Brogdon would be the perfect rental for the Spurs to guarantee good point-guard play this season if they try to find their future floor general in the upcoming draft in a player like Reed Sheppard.

It would make even more sense if they had their sights set on Nikola Topic, who seems like the prototypical Spurs player in terms of his unselfish play and high basketball IQ. Topic could miss the entire next season after it was revealed that he has a partially torn ACL. If that is the route they decide to take, Brogdon could be the perfect player to bridge the gap while Topic recovers. They'd have their long-term point guard and pick-and-roll partner for Wemby while also maximizing next season with Brogdon.

Even if the Spurs agreed to this deal, does adding someone like Keldon Johnson make sense for the Blazers?