Way-too-early 2023 NBA Re-draft: Where do Scoot Henderson and Toumani Camara end up?

Re-assessing the 2023 NBA Draft class now that the season is officially over.
2023 NBA Draft
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No. 13: Toronto Raptors select Cam Whitmore

Original pick: Gradey Dick

Toronto Raptors' Gradey Dick had a rookie season pretty on par with the expectations of a late lottery pick, averaging 8.5 points, 2.2 rebounds, and 1.1 assists on 43/37/86 shooting splits. The Kansas sharpshooter wasn't a bad pick by any means, and he could eventually develop into a starting guard due to his efficient three-point shooting and positional size at 6-foot-6.

However, if the Raptors had a do-over, they'd go with Cam Whitmore in this scenario. The Villanova forward had the most surprising fall on draft day. When entering the draft, Whitmore was even in consideration for a top-five selection after Wembanyama, Miller, and Henderson were off the board. At the very least, many expected him to be a lottery pick.

Instead, teams were reportedly concerned about his medical evaluations and uninspiring pre-draft process, specifically his workouts and interviews. As a result, Whitmore fell all the way to the Rockets at No. 20, which looks like a steal a year later.

Whitmore has tremendous athleticism and positional size at 6-foot-7. For the Raptors, the potential wing pairing of Scottie Barnes and Whitmore would be intriguing, as their games complement each other well. Offensively, Whitmore is primarily a scorer with his shot-creating and slashing ability. Meanwhile, Barnes is great at getting teammates involved, which Whitmore would benefit from.