Top prospects the Portland Trail Blazers should target at all 4 picks

If these prospects are available when the Blazers are on the clock, Portland should strongly consider them.
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Adem Bona
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Pick No. 34: Adem Bona

The Trail Blazers have a prime opportunity to find a gem in the second round this year. One significant reason why is that the teams picking towards the end of the first round are in win-now mode and will likely target prospects that can immediately contribute; this could cause Portland to get a high-upside prospect that may slip to the second round. With multiple roster roles to fill, the Blazers could take this pick in a variety of different directions. If they are looking to add frontcourt depth, Adem Bona out of UCLA would be an intriguing prospect.

Bona's 7-foot-4 wingspan, combined with his strength and athleticism, gives him a lot of potential on both ends of the court, especially defensively. Although Bona isn't an elite rebounder, averaging only 5.9 per game this season, his Pac-12 All-Defensive Team selection is a testament to his defensive prowess. He stands out as a shot blocker and rim protector, averaging 1.8 blocks per game.

At 6-foot-8, Bona is undersized for a big man in the NBA. But he could use this to his advantage defensively as a more switchable defender. Offensively, Bona is a bit more raw. Still, he has a high motor and should be a good rim-running threat and target for Scoot Henderson.