Top prospects the Portland Trail Blazers should target at all 4 picks

If these prospects are available when the Blazers are on the clock, Portland should strongly consider them.
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Tristan Da Silva
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Pick No. 14: Ron Holland and Tristan Da Silva

At pick No. 14, Ron Holland and Tristan Da Silva are two intriguing prospects for the Trail Blazers. Of these two players, Holland appears to have a higher upside, but also comes with more risk. Holland is an explosive athlete who projects to be an elite defender. Before this season with the G League Ignite, Holland was projected to be a top-five pick in the draft but has since slid to being projected around the mid-to-late lottery.

Although Holland remains an intriguing prospect, there is much reason for pause. Holland has shown almost no consistency in knocking down shots. He could become a liability on the offensive end if his shooting does not improve or he can't apply consistent pressure at the rim.

Despite all these concerns, Holland's potential might be too tempting for the Blazers to pass up on at No.14 if he's still on the board. Especially considering that the Blazers are still unsettled on who the franchise cornerstone will be moving forward to some degree. However, another lottery team could select Holland before the Blazers can snag him at No. 14, which brings us to Tristan Da Silva.

Da Silva is a safer pick and is ready to contribute immediately as a valuable role player. Unlike Holland, who is the youngest player in the draft, Da Silva is a senior out of Colorado. Tristan might not have the same kind of upside that Holland has, but he's more of a surefire 3-and-D option who can play valuable minutes on both sides of the court.

Da Silva is also far from the athlete and on-ball defender that Holland is, but his instincts and versatility still set him apart from other rookies. Standing 6-foot-8 with a 6-foot-10 wingspan, Da Silva is the perfect option to space the floor with his efficient spot-up shooting and ability to move the ball as a secondary playmaker. Not only is his offensive awareness without the ball a positive, but his defensive instincts and switchability make him a valuable team defender.