Top prospects the Portland Trail Blazers should target at all 4 picks

If these prospects are available when the Blazers are on the clock, Portland should strongly consider them.
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This year's NBA draft is one of the most unpredictable we've ever experienced in recent memory. The estimated draft range of many prospects varies greatly. But, as the draft approaches, the top picks are somewhat solidifying. With that, it is becoming more apparent that Zaccharie Risacher, the best prospect for the Blazers, will be off the board long before pick No. 7. So, who are the top prospects that Portland should target that will have a realistic chance of being available?

Pick No. 7: Dalton Knecht

At the No.7 pick, the Blazers should look for a wing that can spread the floor and play competent defense - Dalton Knecht fits this mold. As a shooter, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better option in the draft. Knecht is an elite spot-up shooter who moves well without the ball and has shown promise as an on-ball shot-creator. Knecht is a talented multi-level scorer who is adept at attacking the basket, using his athleticism and strong finishing ability to get the job done.

While Knecht appears to be a promising offensive player, his defense is more questionable. He may find himself targeted in the NBA by quicker isolation scorers due to his lack of lateral quickness and standing only 6-foot-5. This potential issue may cause concern about investing a top-ten pick in Knecht. However, he possesses a 6-foot-9 wingspan, and his off-ball defensive instincts are underrated. His length and overall athleticism give enough hope that he can be a defender who won't get consistently exploited by opposing teams.

Knecht might never be a defensive stopper, but he could be an invaluable floor spacer who does just enough to survive on the defensive end, making him an excellent choice for the Blazers at No. 7.