Ranking top 5 draft prospects for Portland Trail Blazers' pick No. 14

The Blazers should target these prospects in the 2024 NBA Draft if they are available at pick No. 14.
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1. Tidjane Salaun

Tidjane Salaun is one of the most high-risk, high-reward prospects in the entire 2024 NBA Draft. But the Blazers should take a flyer on the French wing. He oozes two-way upside as a potential 3-and-D forward who is 6-foot-9. Forward is the Blazers' most significant position of need, and if Salaun pans out, he could be their long-term solution. If he doesn't, the Blazers will still be able to continue rebuilding around their young assets and No. 7 pick.

As mentioned with Topic's injury recovery, Portland could be an ideal fit for Salaun because they can be patient with his development. There wouldn't be any pressure for him to contribute immediately in the NBA as there may be for some of the other teams picking in his projected range, such as the Spurs, Thunder, or Kings.

Salaun, like many of these other prospects mentioned, could also be selected in the top ten. Salaun even comes in at No. 3 for the Blazers' top prospects at pick No. 7.

The two veterans, Edey and Carter, have a high floor that can be valuable in a weak draft. Alternatively, the Blazers can continue to swing for upside with more raw, unknown prospects in Williams, Topic, and Saluan. Since the Blazers aren't in a rush to win anytime soon, they should prioritize the latter, and the rankings reflect that.