Ranking top 5 draft prospects for Portland Trail Blazers' pick No. 14

The Blazers should target these prospects in the 2024 NBA Draft if they are available at pick No. 14.
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2. Nikola Topic

While Devin Carter's draft stock continues to rise, Serbian guard Nikola Topic's could be at risk of falling. Topic has a partially torn ACL, which could deter teams who were on the fence or wanted to make a playoff push next season. Additionally, Topic measured a 6-foot-5 wingspan at the NBA Combine, significantly less than the rumored seven-foot wingspan that added to his intrigue as a prospect.

There's a possibility that neither of these pieces of information significantly impacts Topic's draft stock. He could still be a top-five pick if a team like the San Antonio Spurs picking at No. 4 is interested in adding a pass-first point guard to pair with Victor Wembanyama. 

But if he does fall and is available at No. 14, the Trail Blazers have to seriously consider drafting another point guard in the lottery for the second year in a row. The Blazers need a clear-cut star on their roster. Henderson and Sharpe have shown promise and could eventually become that franchise player, but there's no guarantee that either will reach their potential.

Topic possesses elite upside that very few that could still be available at pick No. 14 have. In this case, the Blazers would select the best available player, stockpile assets, and figure out the rest later. Topic would also match their rebuilding timeline well; Portland can afford to be patient as he recovers from his ACL injury.