Ranking every Trail Blazers player by trade likelihood

Malcolm Brogdon (left), Jerami Grant; Portland Trail Blazers
Malcolm Brogdon (left), Jerami Grant; Portland Trail Blazers / Mark Blinch/GettyImages
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Ish Wainright

Wainright was a last-minute pickup by Cronin, who grabbed the former Baylor Bear off waivers after he was released by Phoenix right before the season. He's spent most of the year injured, appearing in only three games and averaging 3.0 minutes per.

The 6-6, 250-pound forward is a deep-bench role player who's athletic enough to stick with some fours and strong enough to bang with small-ball centers. He's making $2 million this season and will be a restricted free agent next year.

Robert Williams III

Williams might have found himself in the No. 1 spot on this list if he didn't suffer a torn ligament in his right knee that required surgery that will keep him out for the rest of the season. The Blazers saw a clear fit with the athletic, defense-first rebounder and rim protector when they brought him to Portland in the Jrue Holiday trade.

When healthy, Rob Will is an all-defense caliber player. He's explosive, strong and plays hard. He would solve a lot of issues currently plaguing Billups' rotation, and his team-friendly contract would make him even more attractive as a trade asset.

Injured players can be traded, so Williams can be dealt at this year's deadline, but it's incredibly unlikely. The 26-year-old will have to rebuild his value next season, but he's young enough to be part of Portland's current core if he ends up sticking around.