5 Trades Portland Trail Blazers can make to improve their tank

Portland Trail Blazers, Jerami Grant
Portland Trail Blazers, Jerami Grant / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
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2. 76ers bring back Jerami Grant

The Sixers want to upgrade their roster before the deadline. They got draft capital in return for James Harden to trade it for win-now talent. Reigning MVP Joel Embiid is in his prime, and Tyrese Maxey is a budding star. Philadelphia is near the top of the standing in the Eastern Conference and could go in several different directions before the deadline.

Daryl Morey is always looking for the next star, but the 76ers have a contending roster. They could just look to add a talented role player that fits their current mix. Jerami Grant would be perfect as a 6’8 forward who can do a bit of everything on the floor.

76ers get Grant

Would the Sixers take on the long-term money? They have virtually cleared their cap sheet for the summer of 2024, but Grant just signed a five-year $160 million contract. Philadelphia would have zero cap space after re-signing Tyrese Maxey, but those three are a fantastic foundation to build a contender.

The Blazers would love to get two first-round picks for Jerami Grant, but that will be difficult. They could convince Philadelphia to part with one plus multiple second-rounders, but acquiring two likely means getting a third team involved in the transaction.