5 Trades Portland Trail Blazers can make to improve their tank

Portland Trail Blazers, Jerami Grant
Portland Trail Blazers, Jerami Grant / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
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4. Blazers part with Thybulle

Thybulle has been demoted from the starting lineup and is averaging just 21.3 minutes per game after signing a three-year $33 million contract this summer. The 6’5 wing is one of the best defenders in the league but struggles on the offensive end. He is barely playing while the Blazers rebuild. It is time to move on and take the best available offer.

The Hawks want to get back to the playoffs and make a run in 2024, but rank 25th in defensive rating. They need to be better if they want to win in the postseason. Atlanta is second in offensive rating and can afford to sacrifice some offense for defense in their rotation.

Thybulle trade

Atlanta gives up three end-of-the-bench options and three second-round picks to land Matisse Thybulle. The Blazers gave up two second-rounders to acquire him from Philadelphia at the 2023 deadline. Thybulle is no longer on an expiring contract and is now locked in for two seasons after this one, so the price goes up slightly.

This could be a win-win trade. Having a stockpile of second-round picks allows the franchise to trade up in the draft for a player they believe in or offer multiple to land another rotation piece.