3 Reasons Scoot Henderson will become a star, 3 that should panic Blazers fans

Scoot Henderson can still become a star, but he has work to do.
Portland Trail Blazers, Scoot Henderson
Portland Trail Blazers, Scoot Henderson / Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports
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Reason Scoot Henderson becomes star: Finishing ability

Blazers fans have not seen too many dunks from Henderson, but he can unleash them. Having a 6’3 guard with his leaping ability and tenacity is impactful. Henderson is more Ja Morant than Kyrie Irving. He will try to tear down the rim if given a lane to jam.

Scoot has shown an impressive floater game with both hands when the opposition rotation in front of him. His finishing has been slightly below average to start his rookie season, but most first-year players struggle, especially early in their opening year. Henderson will get inside and finish at a high rate in short order.

The Blazers need more shooting around him to fully unlock this part of his game. They are currently 25th in 3-point percentage and 20th in threes made this season. Portland is in the early stages of their rebuild and must sort out their spacing.

If Scoot Henderson becomes an elite finisher at the rim and cleans up his playmaking, opposing teams will quickly have a problem on their hands. Adding in, at least, a mid-range jumper only adds to the issues. The potential is there, but Henderson needs to do it consistently.