3 Reasons Scoot Henderson will become a star, 3 that should panic Blazers fans

Scoot Henderson can still become a star, but he has work to do.
Portland Trail Blazers, Scoot Henderson
Portland Trail Blazers, Scoot Henderson / Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports
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Why Blazers fans should panic: Defense

The Blazers give up 115.1 points per 100 possessions and rank 19th in defensive rating. It is not spectacular, but respectable for a rebuilding team playing mostly young talent. Scoot Henderson has struggled on both ends of the floor, and Portland’s defensive rating drops to 120 with the rookie in the game. They would rank 27th in the NBA if that was their number.

The Trail Blazers have outscored the opposition just twice in the last ten games with Henderson on the floor. Nobody is expecting them to win 40 games or make a playoff push, but it will be tough to turn a corner getting outscored when your star is in the game.

Coach Billups is preaching defense and has been in Henderson's shoes. He was the third overall pick in 1997 and struggled as a rookie only to become a five-time All-Star and lead the Pistons to a championship in 2004. Billups is helping Henderson develop, and his defense needs time.

The 19-year-old needs to defend without fouling and get back to being a pest to the opposition’s lead ball-handler. He has the athletic ability and tools, but fans have only seen flashes at this stage. The competition is a massive step up, and Scoot is still adjusting to his new level.