Blazers exploit Siakam sweepstakes, fleece Kings in this Jerami Grant trade proposal

A Pacers-Raptors Pascal Siakam deal may provide the framework for a Portland-Sacramento trade.
Jerami Grant, Portland Trail Blazers with Blaze the Trail Cat
Jerami Grant, Portland Trail Blazers with Blaze the Trail Cat / Alika Jenner/GettyImages
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The trade: Sacramento Kings get Jerami Grant, Portland Trail Blazers get more picks, prospects

Blazers Kings Jerami Grant trade proposal

The allure for the Kings in this deal is adding a solid consolation prize for missing out on Siakam.

He doesn't have the all-NBA upside Siakam does, but Grant is a similar archetype as a three-and-D combo forward who can guard multiple positions. He's also a superior offensive player and a far superior 3-point shooter - Grant is knocking down 41.1 percent of his triples this season, while Siakam is shooting just 31.7 percent from deep.

The Kings are already loaded offensively with four players averaging 15 or more points: De'Aaron Fox, Domantas Sabonis, Keegan Murray and Malik Monk. Grant would make it five and would become Sacramento's most dangerous spot-up shooter.

Plugging him in next to Murray would improve the Kings' defense as well. Grant would provide more versatility, athleticism and switchability than any of Kevin Huerter, Harrison Barnes or Trey Lyles.