2024 Blazers Mock Draft 2.0: Portland adds key cog in rebuild, 3 other young talents

The Trail Blazers must add talent in the 2024 NBA Draft, and these players feel like fits.
2024 NBA Draft, Portland Trail Blazers, Stephon Castle
2024 NBA Draft, Portland Trail Blazers, Stephon Castle / Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports
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The Portland Trail Blazers finished at the bottom of the Western Conference standings and are eager to add talent. They entered a total rebuild by trading Damian Lillard, but face a unique problem. Portland has $165.5 million committed in salaries for next season and just one open roster spot. They are over the cap and pushing the luxury tax line after winning just 21 games. Expect the Blazers to make moves to clear some salary and roster space.

Portland has four picks in the 2024 NBA Draft, and their plan is already taking shape. They must continue developing their young talent and add to it. The Blazers have a 13.2 percent chance at picking first overall and will likely have two lottery selections.

The 2024 NBA Draft is considered weak by many analysts but will feature multiple premier prospects. Can the Blazers uncover the gems? Here is a look at who Portland would select if they keep their four picks in this year’s draft.

4. Portland Trail Blazers select Stephon Castle

There is little clarity at the top of the 2024 draft. Zaccharie Risacher and Alex Sarr are the safest bets for the top two selections, but there is no runaway number-one player like Victor Wembanyama last year. Things are wide open after that and will depend on the team on the clock.

Portland finished 30th in 3-point percentage, 29th in offensive rating, and 23rd on defense. They need floor spacing and more firepower on both ends of the floor. Finding someone with size capable of sharing the floor with Anfernee Simons, Shaedon Sharpe, and Scoot Henderson is a must. Portland has options, including Matas Buzelis, Cody Williams, and Donovan Clingan, but Castle makes the most sense if they want defense and playmaking.

The 6’6 wing just helped UConn win a national title. Some may view this as a reach after Castle shot just 26.7 percent from 3-point range during his freshman season, but his lockdown defense and ability to make connective passes are exactly what the Trail Blazers need.

Having four picks likely means taking multiple swings on wings or big men to round out their young core. The Trail Blazers would be wise to be opportunistic and could be the team to select someone slipping down the draft board.