Jerami Grant trade proposal nets Blazers an ideal 3-and-D prospect, first-round picks from desperate contender

Portland lands an intriguing rookie forward, multiple first-round picks from a panicking Western Conference team in this mock trade.
Jerami Grant, Portland Trail Blazers
Jerami Grant, Portland Trail Blazers / Steph Chambers/GettyImages
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This year's NBA trade deadline is like a seesaw for the Portland Trail Blazers. After dropping six games of a seven-game road trip by 21 or more points, the Blazers' season is the half of the seesaw crashing to the ground. Speculation surrounding Portland's most alluring assets - Malcolm Brogdon and Matisse Thybulle among them - is the half of the seesaw vaulting up.

Another trade target for potential championship contenders is forward Jerami Grant. Grant has been the Trail Blazers' best player this season, and the only reason he's not more in demand is his five-year, $160 million contract.

As we laid out earlier, though, that deal isn't as much of an albatross as it seemed when Grant first signed it. He's one of the more underrated trade assets potentially available to the league for the right price - a price that's lower than a similar player, Toronto's Pascal Siakam, who will demand a max contract after the season.

Trail Blazers trade Jerami Grant to the Dallas Mavericks

In one hypothetical trade scenario recently proposed by Bleacher Report, the Dallas Mavericks decide Grant is the player they covet most, and they move to acquire the Blazers' two-way forward.

What does Portland get in return, and is it worth letting the 29-year-old go now? Here's the deal and what grade the Blazers deserve if they make it.