Grade the Trade: Blazers dump gobs of salary in 3-team proposal with Warriors, 76ers

Here Golden State, just take these guys.
Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors (left); Malcolm Brogdon, Portland Trail Blazers
Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors (left); Malcolm Brogdon, Portland Trail Blazers / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages
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3-team trade proposal for Golden State, Philadelphia, Portland

3 team blazers warriors sixers 4/25/24

The Sixers could have close to $60 million in cap space this summer. That's plenty of room to add Wiggins, who's owed $26, $28 and $30 million (player option) over the next three seasons. He's certainly not a perfect player, but a change of scenery - and a change of roster construction - could help.

With Klay Thompson struggling and Draymond Green missing games and not providing any offense, Golden State was hoping for too much from Wiggins. In Philadelphia alongside Maxey and Embiid, he wouldn't be counted on to do much offensively other than be an occasional threat. He'd be an even lower-usage Tobias Harris.

The Warriors need players like Brogdon and Williams. With Thompson a free agent who could land a big-money deal elsewhere, Curry may need a new backcourt mate, or a better one, who can play defense and spot up behind the 3-point line.

Brogdon can do both of those better than Klay at this point in their careers and he brings the added benefit of being a playmaker who can take some burden off Steph.

Williams would be a younger, more athletic (when healthy) center on a team that desperately needs to get younger and more athletic. Being able to roll out Jonathan Kuminga and Williams as two big men instead of Draymond and Looney is a much better fit behind an aging Curry.

But how does the deal work for Portland?