Grade the Trade: Trail Blazers make bold move to acquire No. 3 pick

In this hypothetical trade, Portland makes a risky move by trading Houston for the No. 3 pick.
Milwaukee Bucks v Portland Trail Blazers
Milwaukee Bucks v Portland Trail Blazers / Steph Chambers/GettyImages
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Are the Blazers giving up too much?

If the Trail Blazers were to make this deal, they would certainly be criticized by everyone besides Rockets fans. Two lottery picks and the team's best scorer for the No. 3 overall pick would undoubtedly leave some fans baffled, especially considering it's a notoriously weak draft with no clear-cut tiers of prospects to differentiate the No. 3 and No. 7 pick like in typical drafts.

Houston's addition of Simons is key to their likely acceptance of this trade with little to no negotiation. Despite the potential for a crowded backcourt with VanVleet, Green, and Simons, the offensive boost could be worth it as they look to make a playoff push. Meanwhile, Portland only agrees to this trade if they are confident that someone they like will be available at No. 3. Other than Clingan, potential candidates include Zaccharie Risacher, Alex Sarr, and Matas Buzelis.

Bold trades like this typically go down in league history on extreme ends of the spectrum - either colossal failures or massive successes. The risk outweighs the reward for Portland, particularly in a weak draft class.

The Blazers shouldn't accept this brainstormed deal. However, the possibility of having another top-three pick on the team and the mutual interests of these teams make this trade seem more reasonable.

Trail Blazers trade grade: C+