Grade the trade: Blazers give away core pieces for poo poo platter in absurd proposal

Chauncey Billups, Portland Trail Blazers
Chauncey Billups, Portland Trail Blazers / Dylan Buell/GettyImages
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Would the Trail Blazers make this trade?

Absolutely not. If they did, Cronin should be fired on the spot.

The problem is that Portland gets a bunch of relatively useless spare parts in return for two of its best players. Maybe Grant and Thybulle aren't in the Blazers' long-term future. But they're worth a lot more than what Rip City is getting back in this trade.

Edwards cites salary cap flexibility as the most attractive part of this move for Portland. Harris and Burks are on expiring contracts that would free up about $30 million after this season.

But what do the Blazers need cap space for? Are they at the point in their rebuild where they're going to shell out money to bring in a big-name free agent? Are they ready to make a major trade to acquire a star? Absolutely not. So what's the point in gaining this cap freedom?


Bagley has become a serviceable big man, and Portland could use some depth up front. But unless you really value some future second-round picks, he's the best piece the Blazers get in return for two players who could move a playoff team into potential championship contender status. And what exactly are Grant and Thybulle going to do for the worst team in the league?

Blazers trade grade: F-minus