Grade the trade: Blazers deal guard to West rival for more future assets in proposal

Keyonte George, Utah Jazz (left); Malcolm Brogdon, Portland Trail Blazers
Keyonte George, Utah Jazz (left); Malcolm Brogdon, Portland Trail Blazers / Alex Goodlett/GettyImages
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Is this Brogdon trade worth it for the Trail Blazers?

Considering that Scotto reported Brogdon could be worth a protected first-round pick in 2024 if he's traded this season, getting such a lightly protected pick isn't terrible. If Portland were to land a pick in this year's draft, it would likely be protected more heavily.

Olynyk and Horton-Tucker are purely expiring salaries, Olynyk at $12.2 million and THT at $11 million. The 23-year-old Horton-Tucker has shown flashes of role-player potential and the 32-year-old Olynyk would be useful center depth with Robert Williams III out for the season, but the likelihood either stays put in Portland after this year is small.

So is $33 million in future cap space and a lightly protected pick six seasons from now worth losing Brogdon? Even if it means Scoot and Sharpe get more minutes (Sharpe is fourth in the league in total minutes as it is, by the way), the answer is no.

Keeping Brogdon around as a steady backcourt contributor and leader for one of the youngest teams in the NBA is worth more than what the Jazz are offering in this scenario.

Blazers trade grade: D