5 Sleepers Portland Trail Blazers should target in 2024 NBA Draft

The Blazers should strongly consider these high-upside 2024 NBA Draft prospects.
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3. Adem Bona, Center, UCLA

By NBA standards, UCLA’s Adem Bona is an undersized big man at 6-foot-8. However, he makes up for it with his 7-foot-4 wingspan, physicality, and athleticism. Bona is one of the most explosive big men in the draft class and would provide the Blazers with much-needed interior toughness. Although Bona’s height may be a concern for teams, he could also use this to his advantage in the modern NBA. Bona’s physical tools allow him to make a defensive impact as a switchable big man, which is highly coveted in today’s NBA, predicated on finding the optimal mismatch.

Bona isn’t a go-to offensive player in the NBA, which limits his upside to a role player. But he has an underrated offensive skillset as a rim-runner and post-up player, making great reads from the block. It’s easy to see Bona’s fit in the NBA as someone who can impact with his energy and physical tools without needing the ball.

Bona would give the Blazers’ roster another dimension at center. Deandre Ayton is one of the more talented big men in the league, but he requires the ball in order to be successful. He also sometimes has a questionable motor and toughness, which Bona would compensate for. Additionally, he would provide the Blazers with insurance for the injury-prone Robert Williams III.