5 Reasons the Portland Trail Blazers won the Deni Avdija trade

The Blazers got the better end of the surprising Deni Avdija draft day deal.
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Leading up to the 2024 NBA Draft, the Portland Trail Blazers acquired an up-and-coming wing, Deni Avdija, from the Washington Wizards. In exchange, Portland gave up Malcolm Brogdon, the No. 14 overall pick, a first-round pick in 2029, and two second-round picks (2028 and 2030).

Deni Trade

On the surface, it's a lot of assets to give up for a non-All-Star player. But between the Avdija trade and the No. 7 overall selection of UConn center Donovan Clingan, the Blazers are positioning themselves well and have a clearer sense of direction in their rebuild.

1. Avdija matches Portland's rebuilding timeline

Avdija, 23, aligns exceptionally well with the Trail Blazers' rebuilding timeline. After the trade and draft, Portland has done a great job stockpiling young assets. In addition to Avdija, they have multiple promising players who are 25 years or younger, including Clingan (20), Scoot Henderson (20), Shaedon Sharpe (21), Toumani Camara (24), Deandre Ayton (25), and Anfernee Simons (25).

It remains to be seen if the Blazers move any of these players this offseason, but it's safe to assume that at least the majority of their young core will be together next season. The draft was a given, but adding Avdija into the mix is a significant step towards forming a deep, talented core that can grow together.