5 Potential landing spots for Blazers' Jerami Grant (besides the Lakers)

The Lakers are involved in trade rumors for Grant, but what other options could be on the table?
Oklahoma City Thunder v Portland Trail Blazers
Oklahoma City Thunder v Portland Trail Blazers / Alika Jenner/GettyImages
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4. Oklahoma City Thunder

After finishing tied for the best record in the Western Conference at 57-25, the Oklahoma City Thunder continue improving their roster, both from a short-term and long-term standpoint. They recently had two excellent offseason additions in Alex Caruso (traded for Josh Giddey) and Isaiah Hartenstein (signed in free agency),

Additionally, they are stocked with seemingly endless draft capital. If there's a player out there that the Thunder are interested in, they can offer the best package. Given Grant's contract, they don't necessarily need Grant and might even be better off holding out to make more of a blockbuster move for a superstar. But he'd fit in well with the Thunder's emphasis on versatility and floor spacing.

ESPN's Zach Lowe hit the nail on the head with his recent comments regarding the roster the Thunder and GM Sam Presti have built, saying that he would "venture to guess that no team in the history of basketball has been so well positioned for the present and future at the same time."

As Lowe mentioned, the Thunder are in a highly unique position as a true championship contender that is also continuing their rebuilding process. Grant may be the piece that threads the needle for them. He will be cheaper to acquire than a true superstar, meaning they can keep most of their picks for a more considerable trade. But he's also skilled enough to impact their likelihood of winning a championship in the near future.