4 Anfernee Simons trades the Portland Trail Blazers should consider

Rip City should look into the following trade packages for Anfernee Simons this summer.
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3. Sacramento Kings make playoff push in loaded West

Simons to Kings

The Sacramento Kings are another team that could be active on draft day in an attempt to get back to the playoffs in the competitive Western Conference. According to Hoops Hype's Michael Scotto, they reportedly are open to moving Kevin Huerter, Harrison Barnes, or the No. 13 overall pick. Chicago Bulls guard Zach LaVine could be a trade target, but Anfernee Simons also makes sense.

Simons has similar scoring and shooting ability to LaVine and has shown that he can play off-ball, which could make the backcourt pairing with De'Aaron Fox work. Thybulle would also be an ideal addition for them, as the Kings don't have much wing depth. He could be tasked with guarding all the superstar wings in the West, including LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard, and Kevin Durant, to name a few. In this trade, the Blazers would give Toumani Camara an increased role following Thybulle's departure, which would be great for his development.

Kevin Huerter would be an ideal role player for Portland to add; at 25, Huerter fits their rebuilding timeline. Additionally, he fills a roster need as a 6-foot-7 guard who is a career 38.2 percent three-point shooter. The Blazers are already dead last in the league in three-point shooting, and moving Simons would certainly only make matters worse. Including someone like Huerter in the deal would help fill Simons' shooting void.

Losing both Simons and Thybulle in one deal is a lot of trade value to give up, but having three lottery picks in total should be extremely enticing for the rebuilding Blazers.