3 Veteran free agents that would help Blazers return to playoff contention

Portland needs to target these veterans in free agency to help steer them in the right direction.
Houston Rockets v Portland Trail Blazers
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The Portland Trail Blazers have a lot of work to do this summer, including figuring out their guard rotation. Following Damian Lillard's departure, the Blazers relied on Anfernee Simons, Shaedon Sharpe, Malcolm Brogdon, and Scoot Henderson to man the backcourt. Unfortunately, that group failed to keep things together for Portland last season.

The stats indicate that the Blazers' backcourt drastically needs to improve. They were last in the league in assist percentage (58.7) and assist-to-turnover ratio (1.52). Hence, it comes as no surprise that their offense was mediocre, finishing 29th in the league with an offensive rating of 116.6. The Blazers must address these offensive issues in free agency this offseason. However, with limited financial flexibility, Portland's best option is to see who among the role players in free agency can step up and give them direction.

1. Malik Beasley

Malik Beasley, a player who has shown promise in the past, is in a relative slump. After a breakout year in 2019 with the Minnesota Timberwolves, the Florida State guard hasn't contributed as much as anticipated. With the Milwaukee Bucks this season, Beasley had respectable averages of 11.3 points, 3.7 rebounds, and 1.4 assists per game. However, his impact on teams like the Utah Jazz, Los Angeles Lakers, and now, the Bucks, has been modest. Beasley is in his prime at 27 years old. He's at a crucial point in his career and could benefit from increased playing time to get back on track. As a career 38.5 three-point shooter, Beasley could come off the bench and provide the Blazers with the much-needed shooting they require.