3 Reasons why no move may be the right move for the Trail Blazers at the trade deadline

There's no shame in standing pat at this year's trade deadline. In fact, maybe that's what Portland is better off doing.
Jerami Grant (left), Malcolm Brogdon; Portland Trail Blazers
Jerami Grant (left), Malcolm Brogdon; Portland Trail Blazers / Mark Blinch/GettyImages
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The Portland Trail Blazers have a few different moves they can make at the 2024 NBA trade deadline. They could offload veteran guard Malcolm Brogdon for what would likely be a late first-round pick. They could send Jerami Grant to a contender in need of a three-and-D forward.

They could even make a massive splash and deal 24-year-old guard Anfernee Simons for a considerable return.

The closer we get to the Feb. 8 deadline, though, the more it seems like the Blazers' desire to make a trade is dwindling.

But would it be the worst idea to keep Brogdon, Grant, Simons and the rest of the roster as currently constructed?

The Trail Blazers don't have to make any trades at the deadline

The No. 1 goal of the 2023-24 season is player development - and though Portland would never admit it, a record bad enough to have a shot at another top-3 draft pick.

The franchise is certainly on track to complete undiscussed goal No. 2; the more critical question is whether head coach Chauncey Billups and his staff have done enough through three-plus months to have the team on track to accomplish goal No. 1.

The Blazers might not have any all-stars or a runaway rookie of the year, but there's no denying that a good chunk of the roster has improved. Some gems have even been unearthed entirely. There's some credence to the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" argument right now.

Here are three reasons why making no move could be the right move for Portland's front office.