3 Prospects Trail Blazers should avoid at all costs in 2024 NBA Draft

Rip City should avoid these three draft prospects that don't fill a roster need.
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3. Bronny James, Guard, USC

Isaiah Collier's teammate at USC, Bronny James, also makes the list as a prospect Portland should avoid. While Bronny projects to be a second-round pick (unlike the other two prospects mentioned that would likely have to be taken at pick No. 14), he still isn't worth the investment. James had an underwhelming Freshman season at USC, averaging just 4.8 points, 2.8 rebounds, and 2.1 assists per game. A significant reason behind his slow start was the cardiac arrest he suffered, leaving some to wonder how he would have fared with a fully healthy season.

Bronny will have to play a specific role as a three-and-D player to have a long NBA career. He's undersized at 6-foot-4 and lacks the playmaking and ballhandling ability to be considered a true point guard. As a result, he mainly only makes sense for teams in the draft that are hoping to pair him with his father, LeBron James, who is a free agent.

The rumblings about LeBron having to play on the same team as his son have died down recently. In 2023, LeBron told ESPN's Dave McMenamin that he doesn't necessarily need to be on the same team as long as they take the court together.

"Either in the same uniform or a matchup against him. I don't mean like [guarding one another all game] — because he's a point guard and I'm a, at this point now, I'm playing center or whatever the team needs from me... But I would love to do the whole Ken Griffey Sr. and Jr. thing. That would be ideal for sure."

LeBron James

Nonetheless, pairing the two together has to be a significant factor in teams considering Bronny. For a rebuilding team like Portland, there is little reason to take Bronny in hopes of LeBron being part of the package, as they still would need more to be considered genuine championship contenders. The Blazers are better off avoiding the spotlight and situation entirely.