3 Dynamic guards the Trail Blazers should target with the No. 14 pick

With wings and big men at the top of the draft, pick No. 14 should offer plenty of guard options.
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The 2024 NBA Draft is flush with raw guard talent projected to be picked in the late lottery or right outside of the lottery. With a few guards questionable to remain on the team this upcoming season, like Malcolm Brogdon and Anfernee Simons, the Trail Blazers may be looking to bolster their guard rotation with the No. 14 pick. These guards will likely be available at pick No. 14 and could fit into the Blazers' guard rotation in various ways.

1. Carlton Carrington

Carlton Carrington has many skills that should translate to the NBA. His offensive bag is deep; he can make tough threes and spot-up jumpers and is excellent at pulling up from midrange off the dribble. While not a flashy playmaker, Carrington can find open shooters with cross-court passes or set up a big man in the paint. His defense is also serviceable, and Carrington even thinks his defense is "underrated."

Carrington projects to be a go-to offensive weapon at the next level, and the Trail Blazers could use his offensive firepower. He could excel either off the bench or in a starting role, not only because of his shot-making ability but also because he can be a secondary playmaker on the court with Scoot Henderson.

Carrington's impressive highlights from his season with Pittsburgh suggest that he could possess some of the highest star potential in the draft. Whether the Blazers see any potential in Carrington remains to be seen, but he remains an intriguing prospect nonetheless.