2024 NBA Lottery Mock Draft: Blazers swing for upside, Spurs stockpile guards

The Portland Trail Blazers swing for upside in this 2024 NBA lottery mock draft.
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12. Oklahoma City Thunder (via Houston) take Tidjane Salaun

The Oklahoma City Thunder are the prime example of what every team should try to emulate in their rebuilding process. They have set themselves up to be in a unique but ideal situation: finishing first in the Western Conference with up-and-coming stars on the roster while also stockpiling draft picks.

The Thunder typically like versatile draft prospects, and Salaun fits the mold as someone who can play multiple positions and contribute in various aspects. But he's also arguably the most high-risk, high-reward prospect in the draft. With this pick, they’d be swinging for the fences, knowing that they still have plenty of future opportunities to hit on another pick if Salaun doesn't pan out.

The Thunder may be more inclined to accelerate their rebuilding following their successful season, especially now that Shai Gilgeous-Alexander is emerging as a bonafide superstar. Older, more established prospects like Providence's Devin Carter make more sense if they decide to go that route.

But if they are willing to roll the dice, Salaun makes a ton of sense at pick No. 12. If he pans out, the Thunder would be set in their frontcourt with an ideal complementary piece in Salauan to accompany stars, Jalen Williams and Chet Holmgren.