Trail Blazers: Damian Lillard trade request reactions, latest rumors, all you need to know

Damian Lillard, Portland Trail Blazers (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Damian Lillard, Portland Trail Blazers (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /

Damian Lillard has finally put an end to all the speculation after reportedly requesting a trade from the Portland Trail Blazers.

What does it mean for Portland? What does it mean for Lillard? What happens next for everyone involved?

Damian Lillard reportedly requests trade from Portland Trail Blazers

And, apparently, Lillard already has a destination in mind:

The Trail Blazers will work with Lillard on a trade, so what’s next?

Well, apparently what’s next is finding a deal with Miami, which raises three questions:

  1. How much is Miami willing to offer?
  2. How much does Dame’s request to specifically land with the Heat handcuff the Blazers’ ability to get a decent return?
  3. What would a decent return look like from a Portland perspective?

The answer to question one, presumably, will start with a low-ball offer. Something like Duncan Robinson, Caleb Martin, Kyle Lowry’s contract and a package of first-round picks. Maybe it progresses from there or maybe it doesn’t.

The answer to question two probably hinges on question one, but it will certainly affect Portland’s return package at least a little. If Miami knows its not bidding against anyone else and the Blazers have no choice but to trade Lillard there, it makes things exceedingly difficult for Portland.

And the answer to question three – the most pressing query – is unknown at this point, but we’ll surely find out more soon. Maybe the most significant answer to this question is do the Blazers want Tyler Herro and his four-year, $120 million contract in return, or is he not in their long-term plans? Are draft picks and salary dumps enough?

Bonus question: What the heck happens with Jerami Grant now? Bonus bonus question: Did Portland have any idea this was coming before they inked Grant to a massive extension?

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Stay tuned for more.