Trail Blazers 2023 NBA Draft Big Board 3.0: Final pre-lottery rankings

Victor Wembanyama, Metropolitan 92, Credit: FRANCK FIFE/AFP via Getty Images
Victor Wembanyama, Metropolitan 92, Credit: FRANCK FIFE/AFP via Getty Images /
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Cam Whitmore should be on the Portland Trail Blazers 2023 NBA Draft Big Board.
Cam Whitmore, Villanova (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images) /

4. Cam Whitmore, Villanova

Big Board 2.0 rank – No. 5

Whitmore is shaping up to be the hidden gem of the 2023 class.

The Villanova prospect has yet to turn 19 and should expect to see his name skyrocket up draft boards once the pre-draft process continues. He’s not often considered a better prospect than the Thompson twins, but he has a higher floor and just as high of a ceiling.

At 6-7 and already more than 230 pounds with a 7-foot wingspan, Whitmore is physically built to start in the NBA from day one, and the only thing more ready than his body may be his intangibles.

Whitmore’s motor seemingly never stopped when he played for the Wildcats. He’s relentless driving to the rim and can explode with his burst and size. He doesn’t need much room to get a step on a defender, use his physicality, and finish with power.

He’s a willing passer, too. More experience, especially once he gets used to the speed of the pro game, should see his offensive decision making improve as he learns when to aggressively hunt his own shot and when to defer.

He doesn’t have the side-to-side quickness or agility some other wings in this class do, but he’s quick enough and strong enough to be a good on-ball defender, and his size allows him to bang in the post against forwards and small-ball centers.

There’s plenty of room for growth as Whitmore gets comfortable and develops the rest of his offensive game.