5 Trail Blazers who may be wearing new uniforms next season

Shaedon Sharpe, Portland Trail Blazers (Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images)
Shaedon Sharpe, Portland Trail Blazers (Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images) /
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The Portland Trail Blazers are looking to assemble a championship-caliber team centered around their star player, Damian Lillard. In pursuit of this goal, the team made a flurry of trade deadline moves this season to acquire future assets, despite the potential for short-term roster imbalance.

The Blazers have encountered many difficulties in the 2022-23 season, but they remain focused on building a contender moving forward.

They recognize the need to bolster their roster to achieve their ultimate goal. The Blazers will need to make some smart moves this offseason to add depth to their roster and become a true championship contender.

There are many potential roster changes on the horizon, with several Blazers becoming unrestricted free agents soon. The front office will need to make some tough decisions about which players to retain and which to let go in order to build a team capable of bringing a title to Portland.

1. Justise Winslow

Justice Winslow was part of the questionable Norman Powell trade. While he’s brought energy to the team in games he’s played, he may not be a Blazer next season.

Winslow’s contract with the team is expiring. He has only played 29 games this season due to injury, and this lack of availability could make the Blazers hesitant to commit to him long term.

The team would likely prefer giving a contract to a player it can count on after injuries contributed to Portland’s poor record this season. Overall, Winslow’s injury history and contract status may make it challenging for him to remain with the Blazers next season unless he’s willing to take a minimum contract.