Portland Trail Blazers: 3-team trade for Kyle Anderson and Dillon Brooks

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Kyle Anderson and Dillon Brooks have reportedly been made available for the right price, and the Portland Trail Blazers interest should be piqued. Both players are valuable veterans and there are probably plenty of teams preparing packages for either of them.

Both are versatile defenders who can contribute in different ways on offense. Anderson can guard both forward slots well, is a good rebounder, can score on all three levels, and has a knack of creating for others. Brooks on the other hand is a more traditional 3-and-D wing, with secondary playmaking skills to attack off the dribble as well.

The Trail Blazers biggest needs as constructed are depth at the center and forward positions, perimeter defense, and playmaking. Aside from shoring up their rotation at the five, acquiring Anderson and Brooks would pretty much round out Portland’s roster, making them a much more dangerous team.

Kyle Anderson, Dillon Brooks, Memphis Grizzlies

Kyle Anderson, Dillon Brooks, Memphis Grizzlies (Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images)

The Portland Trail Blazers could and should trade for Kyle Anderson and Dillon Brooks

With the announcement that they’re willing to deal away their two remaining veterans, it seems like the Memphis Grizzlies are prepared to slow down their rebuild. It makes sense after scoping out the rest of the league, specifically the Western Conference. As young and talented as the Grizz are, they’re not ready to compete against the juggernauts that lie in their own conference yet.

Having already moved Jonas Valanciunas for draft capital, it’s only logical that Memphis continues to offload their veteran assets for additional potential building blocks.

The Trail Blazers are short on long-term assets, at least ones that they’re willing to part ways with or would be deemed valuable enough by Memphis’s front office.

To make this deal work, Portland would likely have to get a third team involved. The one that makes the most sense is a team that Trail Blazers fans have seen a lot in this offseason’s trade proposals.

This CJ McCollum – Ben Simmons trade benefits all teams involved

Trail Blazers Get
Dillon Brooks
Kyle Anderson
Rajon Rondo
2022 MEM FRP
Grizzlies Get
Ben Simmons
76ers Get
CJ McCollum
2022 UTA FRP via MEM
2022 LAL FRP via MEM
2022 POR FRP

With Rajon Rondo involved, this trade wouldn’t be able to be made until after October 15th, when his recently traded player exception passes. This trade immensely benefits every team involved and here’s why:

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