Portland Trail Blazers: 3 reasons to trade CJ McCollum for Pascal Siakam

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The Portland Trail Blazers are in urgent need of players that fit better with Damian Lillard. They should look into moving CJ McCollum for Pascal Siakam.

After a tumultuous last two months punctuated by trade rumors, a controversial hiring of a new coach, and a disappointing six-game playoff loss to an under-manned Denver Nuggets team, the clock is ticking.

Lillard has demanded more from the Blazers in public statements over the last few months, because he knows, at age 31, that his time is now.

Dame, more than anything, needs guys who fit well with his skill set. He needs size, playmaking ability, and defense.

Here are 3 reasons why the Portland Trail Blazers should trade CJ McCollum for Pascal Siakam

Reason #1 – fit with Damian Lillard

CJ McCollum is a great shot creator and one of the best shooting guards in the NBA, but because he needs to have the ball more often than not, he isn’t a great fit with Dame.

Dame has a massive load on offense and needs supplementary players who can help take the burden off him on defense, while also offering different looks on the defensive end.

There’s no doubt that McCollum is an excellent offensive player, but his inability to get to the rim or the free-throw line makes him not the ideal complementary player to Lillard. Although he spaces the floor well for Lillard, he gets played as a shooter first and foremost

Defensively, McCollum isn’t a bad defender per se, but his lack of strength means that often he struggles to cover the opposition’s two-guard. He doesn’t make a lot of mistakes, but his 190-pound frame isn’t up to guarding the big two guards of the NBA these days.

Pascal Siakam though, is a great fit with Lillard, as well as Blazers center Jusuf Nurkic.

Siakam can defend his position well, he can play off the ball, and he has great size.

Because he can cut to the basket, finish in transition as well as post up, he has a well-rounded offensive game to go with some strong skills on defense.

Siakam is clearly a better fit on this Blazers team and with Lillard, than McCollum is.

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