Portland Trail Blazers: 3 bold predictions for the 2022 NBA season

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The Portland Trail Blazers are about to enter into their most pivotal season in recent memory. After a messy off-season where the coaching search and ensuing hiring turned into a public trial with massive backlash, as well as Damian Lillard‘s public frustration with the team and the coaching search itself, has meant that

Here are 3 bold predictions for the Portland Trail Blazers 2022 season

Portland Trail Blazers Bold prediction #1 – Neil Olshey will make no major trades

Fans won’t like reading this, but I just don’t see Neil Olshey making a blockbuster trade this season. After rolling with the core of Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum for eight seasons, and then famously saying that the recent playoff loss wasn’t a result of the personnel, it seems that Olshey will continue to roll with what he has.

Though Lillard has publically talked about the organization doing better when it comes to putting a contending roster together, Olshey’s history as a GM says this won’t happen.

Olshey’s best move as a GM is the 2017 trade for Jusuf Nurkic. This was a strong trade, as the Blazers got a first-round pick and Nurkic while sending out Mason Plumlee, but this is no blockbuster. Olshey has never made massive trades like Daryl Morey or even Bob Myers.

Olshey has made the odd smart move at the deadline, lining up buyers or sellers depending on where opposition teams sat, but he isn’t known for big moves during the off-season.

Maybe we see some moves on the margins, but it’s not looking likely that Neil goes all in.

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