The Portland Trail Blazers are a potential landing spot for Blake Griffin

Nicolas Batum, Portland Trail Blazers (Photo by Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images)
Nicolas Batum, Portland Trail Blazers (Photo by Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images) /

Six-time All-Star Blake Griffin has been the subject of news recently as he looked to get a buyout from the Detroit Pistons so he could join a playoff team. One of the six teams he has been linked with, is the Portland Trail Blazers.

Griffin is a 31-year-old man big man who has spent the last three and a half seasons with the Pistons. Before being traded there, Griffin was a LA Clippers great. On the famous ” Lob City ” Clippers, Griffin made 5 All-Star teams and 4 All-NBA selections.

The Portland Trail Blazers are a potential landing spot for Blake Griffin

Though this Clippers team didn’t enjoy the playoff success that they should have, they won 50 games every year for six straight years. Sadly for Griffin, injuries to him and Chris Paul were a big reason this team didn’t reach its full potential. These injuries also shortened Griffin’s prime.

One of the most exciting dunkers in the league at his peak, as his athleticism waned, Griffin stretched his shooting range out to three and worked his on passing game so he could still be relevant in the league.

He had one All-NBA year in Detroit in 2019, but injuries that year finished his athleticism off for good. After completing his buyout with the Pistons, six teams have expressed interest in signing him after the All-Star break.

They are the Los Angeles Lakers, the Clippers, the Brooklyn Nets, the Miami Heat, the Golden State Warriors, and the Trail Blazers.

NBA Insider Chris Haynes of Yahoo spoke on the Clubhouse App before the All-Star weekend, and he expressed that Griffin is more of a center these days than a power forward. Haynes is correct, and although he may have played mainly the four on the Pistons, he is mainly a five on a playoff team. He has to play next to a defensive big man, because of his lack of lateral movement and rim protection.

In terms of playing on the Blazers, he would be a nice fit at the five alongside Robert Covington. That lineup currently has Carmelo Anthony at the five, but Griffin may be a better fit due to his passing. He is an excellent passer who could supplement the shooters well with his IQ. He is also two inches taller than Melo, so he could be a better fit there at the five.

The Blazers have a spare roster spot, and with the amount of time left in the season, they could sign him on a pro-rated minimum and still stay under the luxury tax. I think Griffin could be a great signing because of his skill at six-foot-nine, and his playoff experience. Blake is the best option available for the last roster spot with the injury issues the team has had.

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