Ranking the Portland Trail Blazers best trade assets going into the deadline

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The Portland Trail Blazers move into this year’s trade deadline with a lot of uncertainty. They have had injuries up and down the roster, and the rotation still isn’t truly set in terms of who gets significant minutes outside of the main guys.

They have players out of form, players returning from injury, and then young guys stepping up unexpectedly. Their primary issues are health, and their inconsistent defense, which is ranked a terrible 29th. What do they have to trade at the deadline, and what are those assets worth?

Here are the Portland Trail Blazers best trade assets at the trade deadline, ranked from five to one.

Portland Trail Blazers best trade assets: #1 – Zach Collins

Though Zach Collins value is likely at an all-time low, he is still a trade asset. Because of his $5 million contract, and the fact he is expiring this season, he is valuable to teams who may want to cut salary.

Collins is still just 23, and if he was somehow able to return from injury, then he may still be able to play in the NBA.

If, in a few weeks, the Blazers have ascertained that Collins could return next season, then maybe they keep him around to bring him back on a cheap one-year deal in 2022.

If not, then they can use Collins contract to bring in a player from another team. For example, if the Golden State Warriors wanted to get off Kevon Looney’s salary for next year, the Blazers could send Collins out. The Warriors would get off Looney’s deal for next year, as Collins deal finishes this season. It would be difficult to ascertain if the Blazers would need to attach something to get off Collins, but it should only require a second-round pick at most.

Collins time in Portland may have come to an end, but only Blazers management will know if that time has arrived or not.

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