Portland Trail Blazers: Three best prospects to select in the NBA Draft

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The Portland Trail Blazers are only a month away from the NBA Draft. Keeping in mind that they have the 16th pick, which three players fit best at that spot?

The NBA Draft is a mere month away now. The Portland Trail Blazers will now be interviewing prospects and then monitoring players from the upcoming combine.

As they zero in on players, I’m pretty certain that they are looking for a combo forward. The forward positions are where this team is lacking.

Rodney Hood is the only player under contract on this squad with true positional size to play the three or the four. Trevor Ariza only has a partial guarantee on his contract and will be 36-years-old when the next season starts. Carmelo Anthony isn’t under contract, and he will be 37 during the next season. Though Zach Collins was slated to play the entirety of last season as the starting power forward, I think he is more of a five. His shooting and passing skill mean that he can play a bit of four, but I don’t think he can be a fulltime four in this day and age.

In a previous piece, I discussed trading some of the younger guys on the roster to move up in the draft, I think this is more likely than making a trade to bring in a forward. There aren’t that many forwards out there who are available in a trade, especially ones who have a salary similar to Ariza, who is really, their only trade piece.

The best option may be to get a forward in this year’s draft and push for someone who is ready to help right away. Which are the best three prospects to select on November 18th?

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