Fellow Portland Trail Blazers fans: I’m not here for NBA season restart

As the Portland Trail Blazers prepare for the NBA restart with COVID-19 resurfacing, I’m feeling the league should consider canceling instead of restarting.

As the NBA restart frenzy continues, the world seems to have forgotten the pandemic has not gone anywhere.

The reopening of restaurants, resumption of sports, and the emergence of the Black Lives Matter movement may have duped us into believing that COVID-19 is almost over.


It’s still out there giving infectious hugs and kisses—pun intended.

Recently the number of coronavirus cases has significantly increased in Florida, the site of where the NBA plans to resume its season.

On June 24, Florida reported it’s highest single-day jump in new cases, 5,508, according to the Florida Department of Health.

ESPN reported that many NBA players have expressed concerns about the recent spike in Florida cases and have opted not to participate in the shortened NBA season. They include Washington Wizards forward Davis Bertans and Dallas Mavericks center Willie Cauley-Stein. Los Angeles Lakers guard Avery Bradley also said he would not play because he does not want to put his family’s health at risk.

NBA players Nikola Jokic, Jabari Parker, and Alex Len have already tested positive for coronavirus. After the league receives results from tests that began June 23, we should expect to see more cases.

I’ve got a bad feeling about this restart.

One primary concern of NBA players is the staffers of Disney World, where the NBA plans to restart the season, will not reside in the NBA bubble as reported by ESPN. They will be going back and forth to their homes from work.

Call me cynical, but I expect NBA players to be in and out of the bubble too. I do not believe that all of those rich, young NBA players have the patience to stay restricted within a single space one to three months.

Currently, they have the option to go out in their respective cities and travel anywhere in the world they’d like. Those options will be gone once they arrive in Orlando.

Welcome to Disney Jail.

Despite all the signs that point to the revival being too rushed and a lousy idea, ESPN’s Brian Windhorst reported that the majority of NBA players are excited about the reboot.

Admittedly, I’m excited to see the Portland Trail Blazers and their “mon-star” Damian Lillard. But with cases increasing and more NBA players withdrawing, I am becoming more of a proponent of canceling the makeshift season and starting a fresh one with brighter minds, healthier bodies, and full teams.

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