‘Rip City Revival’: NBA TV set to air Portland Trail Blazers documentary

Terry Porter, Portland Trail Blazers (Photo by: Mike Powell/Getty Images)
Terry Porter, Portland Trail Blazers (Photo by: Mike Powell/Getty Images) /

The sporting world are documentary hungry, and the 89-92 Portland Trail Blazers are up next. ‘Rip City Revival’ is set to air this week on NBA TV

Following the success of ‘The Last Dance’, the Portland Trail Blazers will now get their turn to revisit the glory days.

On Sunday evening at 5:00 p.m. PT, NBA TV aired a commercial detailing the new Blazers documentary, which will dive into the Portland teams from 1989-1992; the years which many fans and media believe are the best years of this franchises history.

You can watch the trailer here.

These three years saw the Trail Blazers embark on two Finals trips, where they would eventually go down to Michael Jordan’s Bulls and the Bad Boy Pistons. The other year saw them win 63 games but bow out in the conference finals, although many believe the 1991 team was the best of the lot.

The documentary will contain interviews with Clyde Drexler, Terry Porter and Isiah Thomas, and will delve deep on not only how good these Blazers were, but how and why they fell short for three years in a row.

The Blazers unit from the early 90’s is remembered to have had incredible chemistry, and a team who upset the odds a little. Despite the obvious Michael Jordan vs. Clyde Drexler comparisons (which I’m sure will get some TV time as well), there were no individuals, and they were successful because of elite, team basketball.

Tune in on Sunday evening for what I’m sure will be interesting viewing. Despite the Blazers coming up short, that team was one of the greats, and it will be fascinating to watch their journey.

Oh, and have some highlights while you’re here.

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Though this team never made it to the promised land of a championship, this documentary looks to be a fascinating watch.