Three Portland Trail Blazers that may have played their last game in town

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Portland Trail Blazers

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Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony actually had a decent season for the Blazers. He came in a few weeks into the NBA season with very little notice after not playing in the league for almost a year, and was a serviceable spot up shooter and rebounder.

The main reason that Melo may not return next season is because of issues with his fit, and the likely minutes that he may command or demand in 2021.

Melo’s counting stats across the board were strong this year for a guy on the minimum.

50 games played – 50 games started
15.3 points – 6.3 rebounds – 0.8 steals
44 percent from three – 37 percent from two – 84 percent from the line

Melo came in and gave the Blazers exactly what they needed after the devastating injury to Collins. Production, and size. But, Melo needs the ball a lot and just isn’t efficient anymore.

This doesn’t mean he cant play in the league, it just means he needs a smaller role on a team that only needs offense. Zach Collins is a massive part of the future of this team and from next year he will get the lions share of the minutes at power forward.

Because Melo needs the ball in his hands to function as a scorer, and he isn’t a strong rebounder or defender, he doesn’t suit this team when Collins and Nurkic comes back.

This year he averaged 32 minutes a night, and though he had some big moments and good games, it’s not likely that he will want to go back to playing between 12 and 20 minutes a night.

The focus of this team needs to be winning, and developing the Nurkic / Collins tandem in the front-court. If Melo was willing to accept a smaller role and still come back at the minimum then he could potentially be a great locker-room presence, but this may not be the case.

As a locker room guy he is perfect, but Melo will have to accept half of what he had previously in regards to his role.

likelihood to return – possible

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