Portland Trail Blazers: 4 Blazer players that had Dennis Rodman-esque performances

Dennis Rodman, Chicago Bulls (Photo credit should read VINCENT LAFORET/AFP via Getty Images)
Dennis Rodman, Chicago Bulls (Photo credit should read VINCENT LAFORET/AFP via Getty Images) /
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Portland Trail Blazers
Marcus Camby, Portland Trail Blazers (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /

1: Marcus Camby

Date: Jan. 27th, 2012 vs. Phoenix Suns

Result: Won 109-71

Box Score: 0 points, 20 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 steals, 2 blocks, 0-of-4 FG

By the time the 2011-12 season had rolled around, the Portland Trail Blazers had fallen on rocky times. In a season most remembered for the player-coach mutiny, a blown 7-2 start to the season and the knockout blow that kicked Brandon Roy from the NBA for a full season, it proved to be the first of back-to-back seasons without Playoff appearances.

But, on Jan. 27, Portland — and Marcus Camby in particular — provided something to smile about. The former Massachusetts grad provided one of the most unique stat-lines in NBA history, with 20 rebounds and 0 points, with a few contributions across the board.

Perhaps even more impressive, Camby was doing so during a lockout-shortened season as a 37-year-old with nearly 30,000 minutes on his legs.

Before this game, the Blazers had just survived a daunting three-games-in-three-days stretch, and Camby averaged 19.3 rebounds per game over the previous three.

To illustrate how rare this sort of statline is: since the start of this generation, there have only been three instances of a player grabbing 20 or more boards without scoring a single point. Camby has two of them, and Reggie Evans has the other. In NBA history, there have only been 12 total, with Rodman and Camby being the only players to do so more than once.

By this point in the season, the Blazers were 12-8, and among the top-tier teams in the Western Conference. The wheels would soon fall off, as the Blazers went on to lose 30 of the next 46 games. But at this point, all was right in the world.