2020 NBA Mock Draft: All 14 NBA teams in the lottery

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(Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images)

The 2020 NBA Draft may be different this year in the way it’s presented, but it will go ahead none-the-less. Presenting our first 2020 NBA Mock Draft.

The 2020 NBA Draft will still go ahead. There are some major wrinkles in terms of the draft order and then prospects not being able to workout in front of teams, but one way or another the Draft will still go ahead.

In the first edition of our 2020 NBA Mock Draft, we break down all the lottery teams after using Tankathon.com to get our Draft order.

The Portland Trail Blazers sit right at the back end of the lottery and are probably looking for help on the wing and size. There are a few prospects that fit the bill, but this draft overall is a tough one for all the teams involved. It doesn’t look like there is a clear number one pick, while the talent up and down the first round doesn’t seem to have clear groups in terms of prospects.

Teams may need to rely on video and intel from contacts within the basketball world instead of working out prospects in person, because of the rules put in place by the NBA around workouts. These will probably be eased when the COVID-19 pandemic settles, but unfortunately this could be a few more months at least.

Without further ado, we kick off with the number one pick.

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