Trail Blazers Betting Odds: Far from Worth It.

Portland Trail Blazers, Neil Olshey, Damian Lillard (Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images)
Portland Trail Blazers, Neil Olshey, Damian Lillard (Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images) /

Even though the Portland Trail Blazers are two spots back from being in the Western Conference Playoff spot, the odds of them winning the NBA Championship are not great.

For the time that I was away, I have gotten a job as a Sports Book Writer for a small casino in Central, New York. I was able to learn a lot about sports betting and how the odds plays in some teams favour, while others are not even worth betting on. The Portland Trail Blazers have not had the best favours when it comes to going against the spread.

The Trail Blazers, according to Caesars Sports Book, have a 60 to 1 chance to win the NBA title, which is not bad odds, but they started the season with 40 to 1 odds after their run in last years NBA Playoffs. Due to injuries, from Jusuf Nurkic to Zach Collins and recently, Damian Lillard, and plus the Trail Blazers season this year, the odds are not in favour of them winning the championship. If you were to bet on them, I would highly recommend them going game by game, but even then its a risk to take.

The Trail Blazers are currently 25-36-1 against the spread, meaning if you were to bet the Trail Blazers for the game on the spread, you would need them to cover the point spread for the game in order for you to win. The Trail Blazers season in general has not been a successful one but not a disappointing season in general when it comes to covering the spread as they were still able to cover 25 games this season. To be honest, basketball sports betting has not been great for both NBA and NCAA this season with upsets and loses in blow out wins or close game situations.

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In general, if you did bet on the Trail Blazers to win the title or betting them for the games coming up, then best of luck on those bets, but don’t put too much fate into the Trail Blazers come back this season. I would wait and see next season odds and go from there. but this season I strongly suggest holding on to the money or putting it on either the Los Angeles Lakers or Milwaukee Bucks.