2009-10 Portland Trail Blazers all-time team coming to 2K20

The Portland Trail Blazers were one of six teams to be honored with a new all-time team in NBA 2K20, who’s excited to play with the unforgettable 2009-10 team?

2K recently revealed the new addition of classic teams coming in the new NBA 2K20 that releases early September. Amongst the six new teams to come are the 2009-10 Portland Trail Blazers. This Blazer team that won fifty games led by emerging stars in Brandon Roy and LaMarcus Aldridge was one of my favorite teams in recent Blazer history.

The roster is loaded with fan favorites such as high flying Spanish swingman Rudy Fernandez, Steve Blake in the midst of second of three stints with the Trail Blazers and veteran big man Marcus Camby who averaged double-digit rebounds.

The players I mentioned previously were just a few of my favorites as the roster is loaded with players that should bring great memories for Trail Blazer fans. Some of these names include Travis Outlaw who was a long-time Trail Blazers from the early 2000s on. Nicolas Batum who was loved as a Trail Blazer is on the roster as well as Joel Przybilla who spent a major portion of his NBA career a Blazer.

Some other names include a young Patty Mills, veteran Andre Miller, an aged Juwan Howard and a banged-up Greg Oden. Unfortunately, this team would never to get to realize its full potential due to a constant battle with injuries. 2K now gives Portland fans a chance to live out the perfect “What if?” scenario.

One where Roy and Oden live long and healthy careers, where Camby is able to play a full season, where Outlaw doesn’t break his foot, where Przybilla doesn’t rupture a knee tendon, where Fernandez doesn’t permanently injure his back from a fall. A grim season in reality could make for one of the best underdog story lines in basketball’s most popular simulation game.

Look for this team to be coming to 2K20 in the fall and for all Portland Trail Blazers fans to be able to have some good memories with this group of players.